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too. san francisco leaders have a new strategy they home will prevent a repeat of the destructive celebrations after the giants' world series win. our reporter is joining us live from the mission district which saw a lot of vandalism back in october and some merchants are understandably nervous. >> reporter: they are nervous understandably. a lot of them suffered devastating destruction during the world series celebration. to that and city leaders promise their response will be different. they promise it will be faster and twice as many police on the streets as there were after the world series. checkpoints will be in place today and tomorrow. part of the strategy will be to get all the garbage cans off the streets. you may recall those cans were set on fire during the chaos after the giants won the world series. muni will run diesel buses that
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can be quickly rerouted to avoid trouble. they are taking different approaches. one hired a security guard to watch their restaurant. employees will stay behind after closing their shob to ensure the store's safety. >> the door is closed for the game but we'll stick around until the game is over. we want to ensure the windows are being tagged and garage doors. >> we want to make sure the customers and staff is safe. >> city leaders are calling on 49er fans to do the right thing. it's been 18 years since they won the superbowl. they are asking fans to celebrate responsibly. for those that don't, they could end up like these 14 people that are facing prosecution they caused after the world series. the district attorney's office they will be monitoring social
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media to keep their eye on anyone who might be causing trouble. they say they will crack down. reporting live in the mission district, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: 35 arrests last time. let's hope it's more peaceful this time around. the countdown to the superbowl, less than 32 hours in new orleans to kickoff. katie marzullo is joining us live from the french quarter and you have been having too much fun. >> reporter: yes, i had so much fun. this morning, maybe because this city is crawling with 49er fans. everywhere i look someone is in a jersey or hat. i'm proud to be in their ranks. everyone having fun and so excited that the niners are in the superbowl. as you know many are calling this the bar bowl because the
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brothers held a news conference with everyone wants to know about the rivalry, if they helped each other. how they will feel after the game. one of the more interesting things that came out of it, the brothers talking about their mom jackie who is more competitive than any of them. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac. she is just always believed in us. that is the most important thing to me. she believed in me and john and took us to games and played catch with us and shot baskets with us. >> no one would fight more than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to be there for
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one another. if there was scrape in the neighborhood, she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. the other thing is very smart, highly intelligent thoughtful lady. we grew up with those kinds of conversations. we might have been talking football with dad in the basement but mom would be talking about world affairs and history and things that were going on in the '70s. mom was tuned into those kinds of things. i think that helped us make us more rounded people. >> reporter: such a neat family no matter what happens. they have made history already and they certainly seem ton enjoying. this speaking of enjoying things i hate to do this. i had to go over to the cafe and my cafe is right here. it's part of the research and mingling with the fans and it's a hot spot for breakfast.
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i'm going to do the thing i said i wouldn't do, i'm going to take the bite of the powdered sugar con effect shone and i'm going to find out first because i -- confection. katie marzullo wait a minute. >> i've been to the cafe and i know how good that is tasting right now. i hear that you are something of a celebrity. somebody came up to you -- >> there is a tourist here from israel who wachbd to take a picture from me. i don't know why. he doesn't know me. he will never see this broadcast. hey, everybody is good mood you do what you are going to do. >> carolyn: all right. go away katie. enjoy your breakfast there.
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katy is going to be reporting all week long. wayne freedman is there. larry beil, shu and sending out a lot behind the scene updates and we are re-tweeting the best of them. live reports continue here on abc7. you can tune to "abc 7 news" right after the superbowl to see the celebration. our team is in new orleans and in the bay area. we'll be live on the air with an up to the minute look at how niner fans are reacting here and in the big easy. we've got new developments this morning in the nearly three decade old disappearance of kevin collins. we have learned the name of a key figure in the case and why police are hoping it will bring an end to this long investigation. he was just ten years old when he disappeared almost 29 years ago. last seen at a bus stop in san
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francisco. sergio quintana says the main person of interest in the disappearance had a rap sheet that included kidnapping. >> we were the first on the scene on tuesday when police took jack hammers into the home. our source says that is where dan lived. those sources says he went by the name kelly. he was questioned by police after kevin collins disappeared and they never searched his backyard or basement at the time. but investigators returned to the home this week and tore ust the basement floor looking for evidence. the home is across street his old school. our sources say he had a dog. the lead investigator in this cold case told abc7 reporter vic lee a key detail of what two witnesses saw way back in 1984. >> we had another adult witness telling they saw kevin in front
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of 1106 masonic, a white man again in his 20s or 30s and had a big great dane, a black dog. >> cadaver dogs located bones in the basement of that home. >> those bones may be from an animal but they sent them to a crime lab for analysis to make sure. according to public record search the man they are focusing on died five years ago in 2008. >> carolyn: they are investigating a shooting in oakland that killed one person and wounded another. it happened in the gallery walk in the area of 23rd street and telegraph avenue. one person was found dead at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital. police say no arrests have been made. >> carolyn: coming up next, on
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the rise. the health insurer raising rates by double-digits before healthcare reforms take effect. there is new process to put an end to it. and it is groundhog day, will it be an early spring or a lo
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>> carolyn: a disturbing report out of southern california. a preschool is shutting down while allegations between sex between preschool children is being investigated. a the father of a boy planning
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to file a lawsuit after his son described receiving sex from a five-year-old girl. would than other boy is making the same claim. the state department of social services has cited the school for at least one sexual incident between the kids plus lack of overall supervision and improper teacher-child ratio. child protect active services is investigating. huge power plant near san diego came crashing down less than an hour ago. >> it was all planned for the new 60 foot tall south bay power plant. it was imploded using explosives this morning. the plant was shut down three years ago, demolished to make way for a new 24 on an acre public park, an rv park and an
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industrial development. >> blue cross health insurance is hitting hundreds of those of customers with a double-digit rate increase starting today. consumer advocates are outraged. nannette miranda is in sacramento. >> they were dreading the start of february when her health insurance premium would skyrocket from $65 to nearly $800. >> i'm mad about it. i feel they are trying to take advantage of things before obamacare takes effect. >> 730,000 californians who buy private insurance through anthem saw an average 17.5% increase, but some are getting hit with as much as a 26% jump. this is the third rate hike from an insurer whose parent company made $12.7 billion in profits.
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anthem said they had to raise rates. >> unfortunately, due to increasing medical costs and due to a pool of people that are generally older we have to raise rates to cover our costs. >> in fact with the rate hike, anthem says they are taking a 2.5% loss on this group. >> it's outrageous. >> groups points out that the standard & poors health indices found the rate of inflation slowed to 35% last year questioning the need for the increases. >> what anthem blue cross has just done is a perfect example of why we need to have rate regulation in california. >> 15 states including california have no authority to control rates. an initiative is in the works to give the states insurance commissioner the power to reject rate hikes. tamara wants to go to 2014.
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>> hopefully it will lower the rates because the quantity of people being covered should increase revenue. >> anthem says rates will be regulated under an act where insurers must spend 80 cents of every dollar on care. >> it's going to be an early spring, that according to the weather predictor punxsutawney phil. it came about 4:26 our time. >> there is no shadow to see. an early spring for you and me. [ applause ] >> carolyn: the largest crowd in the 123-history of groundhog day braved the cold width in punxsutawney, pennsylvania. i think they said about 20,000 people there. i don't think phil has a
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certified degree. >> he works one day of the year. >> and gets all that attention. >> it's not fair. we are looking at changes and cloud cover and airport delays up to an hour. here is san jose where it is a mild 50 degrees. you have fog and three-mile visibility. we'll talk about the prospects for sun and rest of the weekend forecast and when rain returns. >> carolyn: himself coming up the 49ers and ravens finally take the field tomorrow. much of them made of the harbaugh harbaugh brother angle but there are more details
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>> carolyn: we're talking about superbowl sunday. weather there should be nice. >> nice bright blue sky in new orleans. notice the haze and the fog out there. low clouds and high clouds. as we head outside. >> roof camera, of course, where temperatures are quite mild in and around 50 degrees downtown. with the cloud cover, very little mixing and high pressure still in control. it is a spare-the-air day today. we'll look for hazy afternoon sun. live doppler 7 hd right now showing all the higher clouds over the bay area. so there will be a few breaks from time to time but more in the way of sunshine for
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superbowl sunday. right now with all the cloud cover, pretty mild, 52. 52 by the delta and down to 39 earlier and 46 in monterey. visibility has been down to a quarter of a mile in watsonville, as well. we talk about the airport delays. nothing is changing too much from hour to hour. still three-mile visibility from mountain view and san jose. we've got the gray start out there. we've got mild conditions. it's filtered sunshine and mild again. no 70s. we saw plenty of 70s yesterday. today will be cooler and we also have that southerly surge that brings the cooler air to our coast. that will keep our beaches cooler but overall, mild weather for the weekend and significant reply cooler weather comes our way the middle of our workweek. that means some dangerous sneaker waves from the north coast down to the monterey bay. always be careful. avoid the slippery rocks and
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stay back from the water's edge. here is a look at high clouds being pulled up from an area of low pressure to the north of us. we'll see today mostly partly cloudy skies. no rain associated with these clouds as high pressure keeps the jetstream well to the north. still, with that high we will see a few clouds around. the ridge stays put right on through the latter part of the weekend. gives us filtered sunshine and brighter tomorrow and then slides off to the east. in new orleans the rain is not going to be a problem. in fact, covered dome, no weather issues but still pretty nice if you have friends down there. 60s right through monday and back home we're looking at some pretty warm numbers from los angeles. 75 with 63 in chico and unbelievable, very subtle transition from january to february. it looks like things will be changing in terms of the cooler weather. rain at this point still not looking like a definite bet by
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the end of next week. we're going to have to work on that one. 64 in palo alto, 62 in san rafael. still above normal. cooler than yesterday. hazy sun, spare the air, gilroy, 67 and seven-day forecast looking at beautiful day tomorrow. superbowl sunday, temperatures begin to come down to monday and more significantly on tuesday. partly cloudy on wednesday. mid and upper 50s by thursday and friday. each model looks like the rain continues to back off. we'll have to see. >> we could use some right about now after the superbowl. thanks, lisa. >> in sports, eddie debartolo will find out if he will be selected for the pro football hall of fame. he is among 17 finalists including charles haley and
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warren sapp and tim brown. 49ers are trying to win their sixth vince lombardi trophy. here is rick kwan for sports. >> we are a day away from superbowl. they had their final practices on friday. third straight day, linebackers smith and brooks saw limited action. both have shoulder injuries. practice wrapped up 15 minutes earlier. baltimore, john harbaugh gave their workout an "a" plus. this game won't feature one brother against another but jim's son works for the rave convenience so it's also father versus son. >> jay really good. >> just letting them know how i
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feel about him. where the people thinking i'm talking to him, but i'm really proud. i've heard he has done a great job. >> randy moss is drawing attention this week. michael crabtree will likely have a bigger impact. he is colin's go to guy. jerry rice is impressed. >> crabtree she like a new receiver. they have a connection. you can see the chemistry on the football field. whenever he has one on one coverage, kaepernick is going to throw him the football. >> the last time the niners were in the superbowl, steve young threw a record 6 touchdowns. young could hurt you both with arm and legs, kaepernick may be more dangerous. >> people tell me, he throws a
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hardball, not necessarily accurate but the touch but the chicago game, hey, we got the wrong thing on this kid. he can make all the throws. rest of it will be experience to deal with all the things that come up. if he can put a superbowl in his pocket throwing the ball with the leg, people are excited. >> stanford's coach is first one to win 400 games. this set its up a basket. 86-62 the final. stanford improves to 19-2. after shooting a 60 in the first round of the phoenix open, phil mickelson continues. here is his approach on 9. stops two feet from the pin. he would birdie the hole. then mickelson putting for an
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eagle puts him 17 under for the tournament. that is sports for a saturday morning. mike will be live from new orleans at pga. >> carolyn: coming up next, the latest cabinet member announces he is leaving the obama administration. what energy secretary steven khu wants to do instead. >> also "good morning america" takes over the french quarter. reporter indicate indicated will join us live from new orleans well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> carolyn: this morning, president obama is calling on congress to put aside their differences to reduce the deficit and promote economic growth. >> what we need instead is balanced approach.
8:29 am
of course, let's cut what we can't afford but let's make the investments we can't afford to live without. the things that will help america compete for the best jobs and new industries. >> carolyn: president says the economy is poised to expand this year after 2.2 million jobs were created last year. republicans say this is the chance for congress to begin balancing the nation's checkbook jumpstart go the economy and restoring faith in our government. energy secretary steven chu is stepping down. the former head of the berkeley lawrence lab drew a lot of fire but as political reporter mark matthews, he also drew a lot of talent to the department as he worked to reshape its mission. >> at the white house, president obama thanked him for his
8:30 am
service. >> he has been a great friend over the past four years working on energy issues but also designing a cap to plug a hole in the gulf of mexico when nobody else could figure it out. >> when he came to washington in 2009 from u.c. berkeley he had a nobel prize in physics but no experience in washington politics. >> he said honest things about climate change and energy that he had to political reasons walk back during his confirmation hearings. >> things like coal is my worst nightmare. the country needs a much higher gasoline tax. >> most energy policy experts will agree with that, but politically it's off-limits. >> the head of the energy group political pressure ramped up after the solyndra scandal broke. he was criticized for the handling of the $528 million federal loan to the company that
8:31 am
went bankrupt laying off more than a thousand workers. >> they talk about that one failure, but there are many other successes. >> jay works with him at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory and his legacy goes well beyond stimulus spending. >> his biggest accomplishment is emphasizing renewable energy. >> the energy experts that i spoke with say he transformed the department from an agency that had been primarily concerned with nuclear weapons and waste to becoming an energy research organization. >> it's so great having a nobel prize scientist to run department of energy in terms of attracting scientists here. >> he would like to return to teaching and research but he will stay on until the president finds a replacement. are you excited? you know there is just one day to go before the 49ers face the
8:32 am
ravens in the superbowl. more and more big names are descending on new orleans and the stars were out in the french quarter when gma set up a tailgate party. katie marzullo joins us live. are you going to continue making us jealous as you stuff yourself with those? >> reporter: do i have powdered sugar on my face. it was delicious, thank you. i'm sorry to inform you of that. i'm bringing back some mix, but the best things about new orleans, i put this hat on and i feel like i have hundred new friends. everyone is decked out in niner gear, you get a head nod, it's fantastic out here. and gma's josh and sam are fans. i got to go behind the scenes of the tailgate party. that is right. it wasn't just those few guys,
8:33 am
it was a star-studded event. fans, fanfare and yes, love for the 49ers. >> i'm an n.f.c. guy. so go niners. >> play that loop over and over. >> they drew a large crowd and wasn't just josh and sam. jerry rice joined zbleartd i'm picking the san francisco 49ers, 24-17. very physical game. i feel like the team is going to do that. >> someone had to bring some food. >> it's really exciting. its special food city as is san francisco. with the two of them put together, it's magical. >> i think we had eight meals, we had like six meals. >> we agree the food is great
8:34 am
but took convincing to bring sam around on the big game. >> why not? >> i'm cheering for san francisco. >> come on. >> on if he can't say something nice, don't say anything at all, >> reporter: one of original fans he is not talking but she putting on quite a show. he is a 49er fan from san francisco. someone else who is here, robin roberts, gma fans want to know how she is doing. she is not on camera and live on tv just to say hi to her friends. such a party out here this morning. totally different vibe because the fans are here. they are here and out in force and they spent a lot of money on their tickets to get here but
8:35 am
well, well worth it. >> carolyn: besides the mix i want you to pick up a nice t-shirt for me since i am filling in for you today. i think you owe me. >> you've got it. >> carolyn: please give our thanks to mike for his fantastic job out there. >> you can look at katie's tweets and larry and wayne. they are sending out updates and we are re-tweeting them at live reports continue all weekend. turn to "abc 7 news" to see all the celebrations after the superbowl. our news teams in new orleans and here in the bay area will be live on the air with an up to the minute look how niners fans
8:36 am
are reacting here and in the big easy. >> we have a few more pictures of fans showing their team pride. these guys say they are waiting for the trophy number 6. check out this 49er cat face. this is all about the niners. here is one of the many young fan pictures, this little girl is so cute showing off her red and gold. send us your photos at u report at kgo >> getting schools and students ready for the unthinkable. what teachers and children are learning to do if someone starts shooting. here is a live look from the san mateo bridge. you can see its overcast and cooler in that area and around the bay today. is there rain in the forecast? lisa argen will have your forecast in a few minutes.
8:37 am
a message for the niners from local troops overseas. >> i'm brandon, currently stationed in southwest asia, give a shout to my family and
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>> carolyn: sandy hook elementary shooting has sparked a debate on school safety. one security company in texas has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people wanting to get trained to respond to a shooting. it's called alice and it stands for alert, lockdown, inform, encountered and evacuate. lyanne melendez got exclusive access to a recent training session at san jose city
8:40 am
college. >> lockdown. >> it means that an intruder is on campus. >> open the door, where are you? >> this is how they deal with an active shooter. >> i'm home dear, open the door! >> the people behind the door tried to barricade, a waste basket to keep the intruder from coming in. >> people will survive. people will act appropriately if we give them guidance and give them permission to do so and that is what this is about. >> a texas based company called response option says training people beyond the duck and cover mode. teach them going as far as confronting the gunman. >> he is playing the role of the active gunman. they are learning three fundamental things. run, hide and fight. >> sean is a teacher at the high
8:41 am
school and convinced his school district to take the two-day course. he will now train other teachers. >> when you become a parent, perspectives change. i don't look at them as just students but sons and daughters of other people. it's my responsibility as educators to be as prepared as possible. >> reporter: matthew works as a school police officers in merced county. >> the goal of this program is minimize or completely eliminate any type of injuries or fatalities. that is the whole goal. that is why i'm here. that is what i'm trying to express with my staff. >> it's an on campus scenario using an air gun and rubber pellets. the people are ready to counter or confront the second gunman. in this scenario, tennis balls
8:42 am
are used but in most cases, running may be the only option. >> we know the consequence of responding passively and far too often it is death. >> the college has now trained their nine officers. students and teachers will soon undergo the same training. >> i have to know how to lead and how to protect my students. it's a combination of both the students need to be prepared as well and trained. >> it's a reality of today's world getting schools to prepare in order to increase their chances of surviving the unthinkable. in san jose, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." >> you can see behind us we are socked in this morning. is that going to continue? >> we are going to see more sunshine in the north bay. all the clouds coming up from the south. we also have a little bit of fog.
8:43 am
here is a look at berkeley where it is gray it on, as well. we will see filtered sunshine. spare the air and mild afternoon. rain, is it coming back. we'll have a look at the seven-day outlook. superbowl sunday is next. >> also ahead, a beach warning for dog owners that could save their pet's life and their own.
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it is 8:46 and it is groundhog day. according to that furry creature there is supposed to be spring headed our way. sure doesn't looks like it from east bay cam how gray the skies are, but don't worry. before the day goes much further lisa argen who has more scientific knowledge than punxsutawney phil, you know.
8:46 am
>> he works one day a year and gets all that notoriety. >> anyway, it feels mild out there despite the cloud cover. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. it has been pretty gray all morning long. here is a look at roof camera. quite a few things going on today. pre-superbowl, chinese new year and flower fair and dirty girl 5-k mud run and opening ceremony and to kick off the vietnamese tet festival. that is in santa clara county. we gor going to feature mild conditions. with spare the air in place today. the air pollutants and here is a look at the all the cloudiness across the bay. we will look for no rain to speak of in the next couple of days. it looks like by thursday and friday of the up coming workweek we could see showers.
8:47 am
hour delays at sfo and 50 down in san jose. we are looking at 46 in watsonville. visibility from about three miles in the south bay, two miles at our coast and still quarter mile in the north bay. a pretty gray start out there. there will be breaks and more breaks up in the north bay up towards ukiah and santa rosa and closer north of the golden gate. more filtered sun while we see more clouds along the south bay. mild with 60s, subtropical moisture headed our way. also we are looking at southerly surge that allows to cool some of our beaches. keep that in mind. speaking of our beaches. dangerous sneaker waves are possible. be careful if you are headed to the coast this afternoon. here is a look at visible picture this morning. you will see all the high clouds. can't see the low clouds but they are ail out there.
8:48 am
you'll notice we do have some thinning up to the north. here is a look at satellite and radar composite. san francisco a few sprinkles as well as santa monica, but high pressure is in command. jetstream is well up to the north up into the canada and it won't be until the high breaks down until we see a trough head towards the coast. it looks like it will happen in the next several days. between now and then, it's the strong ridge commanding our weather and filtered sunshine throughout the afternoon today. plenty of 60s and 70s throughout the state. mid and upper 70s. palm springs and los angeles, back home. 61 in oakland. still above average, cooler than yesterday. a little more sun up towards santa rosa, 64. we have low 70s here yesterday. cool where the cloud cover and not great in terms of air quality. a little better tomorrow, a little more mixing and slight
8:49 am
dip comes monday but significant cooling mid-week. doesn't look like until thursday or friday we'll see any rain but it will feel more like winter with highs in the 50s. >> how far are we behind on the rainfall total? >> we are getting into the 90% range by the end of next week. we are still about average. >> carolyn: the weather has been pretty nice. that means a lot of us will be hitting the beaches that has the coastguard on high alert following a string of drownings from people walking their dogs. they want to keep people and pets safe at the beach. here is jonathan bloom. >> this is rascal and his owner pamela. she may be in the u.s. coastguard but she knows who is the better swimmer. >> he would be much better. >> he knows without all the special gear, the dog would be swimming laps around him.
8:50 am
that is the focus of a new campaign. >> if you see a dog struggling, don't rush out to them. >> the coastguard and national park service launched the campaign at the animal shelter. >> we have seen so many pet owners going in after pets. as pet lovers we understand, seeing all these people losing their lives is tragic. >> since november, five people drowned on northern california shore lines, four of the deaths have been in humboldt county and fifth in marin and it's attributed to sneaker wave, a big wave that sneaks up on you. >> sneaker waves, rogue waves, words they use to describe a wave that is out of the ordinary. >> this is blamed for sending three people to the hospital during the maverick surf contest. the timing wasn't a coincidence. winter is prime time for sneaker waves.
8:51 am
>> its losing battle very quick. >> it's so cold. >> it's an ugly situation with a tragic outcome. >> sadly the most common outcome is the dog gets out fine but the person does not. >> dogs are natural born swimmers. if yours get swept up.... >> stay on the shore. dog will be fine. the oscars are sunday february 24th right here on abc7 my picks feature on the oscar app has details on the nominees. it's available. coming up next, most people watch the superbowl for the game but many are all about the commercials. some have already leaked out. some have already leaked out. we have [ male announcer ] with citibank it's easy for jay
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to deposit checks from anywhere. [ wind howling ] easier than actually going to the bank. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up, the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> carolyn: take a look at the
8:54 am
winning numbers from last night's drawing. mega number was 17. no one got all the numbers. tuesday night's jackpot is estimated at $19 million. you might watch tomorrow's superbowl to route for the niners but millions of people are tuning in just to check out the commercials. here is sneak peek. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:55 am
>> carolyn: advertisers are paying as much as $4 million for just 30 seconds of time. wow! >> we have some changes in our weather forecast. you can see and probably noticed how gray it is outside. mild temperatures, back in the 60s. satellite and radar composite. high clouds from an area of low pressure to the north and west of us. it will be filtering the sunshine. still numbers are cooler than what we've been used to and a little hazy out there. spare the air and 63 in fremont. 65 in san jose. 61 and cooler downtown today. certainly cooler at our beaches and waves will be building offshore. do be careful there with 61 in santa cruz. it should be pretty mild but we'll look for certainly a nice afternoon tomorrow. superbowl sunday with more sun and cooling happens mid-week
8:56 am
with maybe rain by the end of the week. >> carolyn: that is going to do it for us. thank you for joining us on the saturday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler in for katie marzullo. we will continue at 5:00 p.m. you asked for it and now the abc7 exclusive alarm clock app is available for android phone and kindle fire. download for free on amazon app store. it's still available if you have an iphone. this quarter, get 5% cash back.
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whoa everybody get, everybody get! activate your 5% cash back at
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>> jack hanna's "wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide
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insurance. >> hi, everyone. i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo. and welcome to "wild countdown." today i've recruited 7 incredible athletes you'll never see at the olympics. like the fleet-footed felines that can sprint over 70 miles per hour. >> oh, look. here they come. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life. look at that. and a beetle that can power lift hundreds of times its own weight. >> convert the weight, right, you would be able to lift a military tank. >> what's amazing is to feel their strength. i mean, he could flip me around here in a second. and later, my blooper of the week. do you know which muscular marsupial dominates track and field, the long jump, and boxing? find out next on "the wild world of sports." i mean "wild countdown." we tried to leave our tents, not even to go get dinner. we couldn't get to dinner. the lions were everywhere! golly day! [dog barking] whoo!

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Tuner Channel 18 (147 MHz)
Video Codec mpeg2video
Audio Cocec ac3
Pixel width 1280
Pixel height 720
Sponsor Internet Archive
Audio/Visual sound, color

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on 2/2/2013